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IMPORTANT: Guidelines

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IMPORTANT: Guidelines Empty IMPORTANT: Guidelines

Post by Jessicakes on Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:47 am

Welcome to the DID(&)You forums!

This is a community for those who believe they have or have been diagnosed with the condition, Dissociative Identity Disorder. Multiplicity of any kind is accepted as this forum is based on creating an understanding environment for alters and their hosts. Other members with other mental-health related issues may also sign up at the administrators discression, but they must be acustomed to and understanding of those with DID.

DID & Multiplicity - whats the difference?
For this website, DID is a title to those who have been officially diagnosed or are suspected of having DID, multiplicity is a term for those who have alters, and work similarly to DID but with no diagnosis of DID or who do not lose time/dissociate. This website is here to be completely understanding of alters and their hosts, regardless of the way a system works.

About the forums:
  • This is an alter-friendly website, meaning alters can post about their inner or outer world experiences on any part of the forum. Some of those with DID/Multiplicity have very intricate worlds and as a result, alters may have their own seperate problems to the host.
  • This is a supportive community - no trolling, abuse or disbelief of another person's condition. DID is a very unknown and controversial disorder, and we should therefore learn about other systems and the way they operate in accordance to our own without being judgemental.
  • People may use different terminology to describe their system (e.g. different words for alters; headmates etc.) please do not take other people's terminologies as an offence.

  • There are no spoilers required on the forum (meaning adding asterix to words like r*pe or s*x) although we ask that trigger words or curse words be kept to a minimum where possible.
  • Instead of spoilers, we ask that graphic or triggering material is highlighted within the title, or before the post, to prepare members for any difficult reading. Posts may be edited by the moderator, if the content may need a particular warning. (e.g. graphic, mentions of SI, death etc.) These warnings are not required when posting in the related folder (e.g. there is no need to mention an SRA warning when posting in the SRA folder)
  • Members are free to share their opinions on any subject, but not at the distress of another person; please be respectful and thoughtful of others when posting
  • Alters/hosts may share accounts, but we ask that you cite your names. If DID members share one account, please be aware that the whole system falls under consequence of the account's actions. The account is still bound by the three-strike rule and immediate ban warnings (listed below). If a shared account is banned, anyone using that account CANNOT reregister. Please think through account-sharing carefully.

Common Courtesy:
  • No one should feel pressured or intimidated to answer any questions or reply to a topic
  • Do not ask members major personal questions that they may not be comfortable to share (i.e. address, personal background etc.)
  • You are more than welcome to advise others, but also be aware that people can make their own decisions
  • No one is considered a 'professional' on this website; no matter the degree, history or experiences of a member, we can only give advice and support
  • Anything seen to be attention-seeking will be taken up privately with a member and investigated, please note that certain actions may be grounds for banning
  • Please do not doubt the existance of any alter from a system or make them feel like any less of a person. Alters are people and should be treated accordingly.
  • Please refrain from using the forum when influenced by other substances (e.g. drugs, alcohol)
  • No DID system is the "perfect" system or the "right" system. Please do not necessarily consider your DID the 'norm' for others to live by.

    Reasons for Immediate Ban:
  • If any pornography or disturbing imagery is shared on site or between members (PMs)
  • If any underage meetings take place through the use of the website
  • If the member is under the age of 16 (this does not include littles within a system)
  • If member has recieved more than three previous warnings over a given time, or warnings are considered major [The three-strike rule]
  • If any abuse of any kind takes place with the intent to harm a member (e.g. racial, ethical, religious, trolling etc.) including the threat of suicide
  • If member is found to be talking badly of the site, or taking material or personal information from the website


  • The Shoutbox must not contain any curse/trigger words
  • The Shoutbox is not allowed to be flooded (i.e. reposting over and over)
  • Researchers may take information from the 'Info/Links' and 'Welcome Guests!' folders ONLY. Please note however, this information is the opinion of members and not a basis for factual evidence.
  • Some folders, such as the 'Abuse' or SRA folders contain heavy material, please be warned that these particular topics can be very disturbing.
  • There are no limitations to what members can/cant post about their experiences - however speaking badly of a member is not allowed. If there are any issues/concerns, a moderator will approach the member privately.
  • We ask that you use self-care when operating the forums. Over-sensitivity is not a cause for someone else to be banned.

    Finally, we ask if there are any questions comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact an admin or moderator Smile We are here to help!


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IMPORTANT: Guidelines Empty Re: IMPORTANT: Guidelines

Post by Jessicakes on Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:37 am


My boys IMPORTANT: Guidelines Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQh6Ia1EK9SK67-6xS-mlfA1c0L0WsQ8DAF4-VXX9rrf45OyrFBbXDOfQ

IMPORTANT: Guidelines Allofussig3
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Female Posts : 110
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Location : Wales, UK
System : Jakey, Jamie, Eddie & Ollie


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